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30 sec puzzle: spot the null pointer

by aloshbennett on October 23rd, 2011

I got a null pointer exception at the line mentioned. What could have caused it?

private ARTTimerTask timerTask = ARTTimerTask.getInstance();
public void notify(String messageId, Long messageTime) {
    //NPE in the line below
                  System.currentTimeMillis() - messageTime);

Here’s the relevant section from ARTTimerTask:

private static final ARTTimerTask _INSTANCE 
                                = new ARTTimerTask();
public static ARTTimerTask getInstance() {
    return _INSTANCE;

(Debashish comes over to the desk, takes a look and proclaims, “This A*** B***** is pathetic”. 7 seconds!)

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  1. Not able to find yet :(
    Code Looks OK to me !!

  2. I did get an NPE there :)

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