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I am a developer, working with Oracle Hyderabad since 2003. I work on java related technologies and am a supporter of FOSS. My machine has been on Ubuntu since Warty.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed here are mine and does not represent my employer in any way.

  1. Bhaskar Ghosh permalink

    Hey Alosh,

    I am really liking your blog posts!
    Will be a close follower of your writes :P

    Bhaskar Ghosh … the Musical Poet :)

  2. naveen kumar permalink

    hi! sir

    i really impressed with your speech at B.V.R.I.T
    about the security to protect data from thefts and many more.
    really interesting topic i had ever.

    i was in confusion whether you are telling about how to protect the data from hackers or how many ways we can hack the data

    myself. pursuing MCA in JBIET,
    and very much interested in ethical Hacking
    can i know where these institutions are located in India, as i have great zeal to learn about it and became a professional hacker.
    and how to get started with these concepts into real life.

    i ever use to think about a small quote when ever i think about the hacking.

    “To protect ourselves from HACKERS we should think like hackers”.

    thanking you.

  3. Thank you Naveen. I’m glad to know that you like to pursue ethical hacking and security. These are very interesting fields.

    As you said correctly, the best way to defend against attacks is to be aware of how the attacks happen and prepare yourself against it. In short, you have to think like a hacker.

    If you want to learn about security, this is a nice book:
    The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Flaws

    Good online material is hard to come by. What Every Web Programmer Needs To Know About Security is a nice starting point. If you are looking for online material, finding a list of topics and searching on them helps.

    There are few courses offered by C-DAC [like this one] and other universities which cover a variety of topics. You could also look at specialised system administration courses.

    I’ve uploaded my slides here.

    Wish you all the best!

  4. naveen kumar permalink

    Thank you sir.

  5. sai kiran permalink

    hello sir,
    I am sai kiran persuing B.Tech CSE from GNIT, whether you remember me or not, I have attended the workshop conducted by CSI, i did ask you about cloud computing and its security. Sir i am in confusion state i don’t know what to do in future although my aggregate is 77% i thk i am not worth that. My frnds started going for xyz competitive xams but i am still unsure what to do.
    Sir could u help me deciding what field i should choose. or could u just guide me what i should do now.
    It would be kind if u help me on this.

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